CNG Sequential Reducer: CNG Sequential Reducer is an important part of CNG Kit. HIGHRISE  CNG reducer is a two-stage pressure reducer for sequential injection which provides a constant outlet flow in all Environment conditions. The outlet pressure of HighRise  reducer is adjustable to obtain the best performance and is provided with an adjustable fitting that has also the connection for pressure manometer.


EX-HIGHRISE gas injection system – applicated for 3cyl /4cyl. engine. Hardware is develop and manufacture on high quality standard TS16949 with ECE 67R-010311 and 110R-000166 certification. Function EX-HIGHRISE Professional design for OEM “0km” automotive. Can with OBDII function. Advanced OBD II function and real-time calibration keeps gas vehicle in perfect condition in different drive surrounding and mileage, at the same time satisfied with EURO IV displacement standard. Very professional PC interface saves much time for user.​


The Change-over Switch is the part of the CNG / LPG Electronic Circuit Unit and is installed in the vehicle dashboard near to the driving seat.

How Switch Works
The car starts (ignition), the orange light is ON indicating the car is on petrol, As we press accelerator (rpm increases), it automatically switches to CNG as it reaches the set rpm(programmed i.e. 1200 rpm) Greenlights become visible as the car is now running on CNG. The number of lights indicates the quantity of CNG available in the gas cylinder. Even if CNG is still available in a gas cylinder and you want to switch into petrol, then just press the switch once. It will be switched to petrol. You will not feel any knocking during fuel conversions.

End of CNG Indication
When the red light becomes visible, it means that CNG is in its last phase. It will still run a few Km’s.


The HR04 injector Rail is to inject the controlled quantity of CNG Fuel at specific interval of time (as programmed in ECU). it can be supplied with  3  Ohm coil and is compatible with the majority of the ECUs distributed in the markets.

it is homologated in accordance with ISO 15500 standards and approved by ICAT . HR04 injector RAIL has been designed to allow easy installation and manteinance: it does not require the setting of the solenoid core, assuring the performance of the injector rail also after the maintenance, without difficult processes and dedicated setting machinery.


Description The CNG Gauge or CNG pressure sensor provides a linear electronic signal proportional to gas pressure. The device uses an analogical indication for directly reading the pressure of the gas in the tank.


CNG Steel Tube is the pipe through which gas from the cylinder comes to the reducer. The CNG Steel Tube is approx 5.9 mtr in length and comes from the cylinder compartment to the Engine compartment. HIGHRISE INTERNATIONAL provides the best quality steel Tubes which are extensively tested in different environments and meets international standard ISO 15500.


Filling Valve is the valve through which the CNG is refilled in the gas cylinder. HIGHRISE INTERNATIONAL uses filling valves that matches with international standard and matches the world’s class best quality.


The CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Kits offered by us are sophisticated equipment and have gained prominence among the clients. The CNG Kits have a robust construction and hence, are highly durable. Clients can avail the high efficiency CNG Kits from us at nominal market prices. Reducer gas output pressure: 2 Bar Working pressure: 200 Bar​

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